UWRF Dance Theatre


Full Name: Salvatore D’Agostino

Hometown: Sparta, WI

Major: Painting and Drawing minor in Dance Education

Year in Dance Theatre: 7th

What do you love most about dance?: I love everything about dance. I love being connected with my body and able to use it for artistic purposes. I love working with a group of people to make a beautiful moment that the audience can feel a connection with.

Why did you join Dance Theatre:  Dance Theatre is the best thing I can say I've participated in. It has given me so much in a group of close friends and family and an outlet for my creativity. 

Choreographer Notes: Sal D’Agostino is from Sparta, WI and has been a part of dance theater for the past six years but has been dancing since he was seven years old. He learned Tap and Jazz at Amanda’s Academy of dance and then attended the University of River Falls and began getting involved in the dance community on campus. This is Sal’s first year choreographing for dance theater. Sal Is a BFA major with emphasis in painting and drawing along with a minor in Dance Education and a minor in Biology.