UWRF Dance Theatre



Full Name:  Yuehui Yu (Carrie)

Hometown: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Student Status: Sophomore

Major: Elementary Education 

Year in Dance Theatre: 1st

What do you love most about dance? Dancing makes me feel confident and it’s enjoyable. The process of dancing is a good way to communicate with ourselves or partners. What’s more, rehearsing with people that have the common goal is a very terrific thing. I knew a lot of friends

Why you joined Dance Theatre: I am international students and I will study in UWRF for one year. I joined DT because I want to learn more about dance that is my hobby. I have learned dance for many years but I only had little time to dance before I went to college because I had to focus on my study. Now I have more free time. Besides, everyone in  Dance Theatre is friendly and enthusiastic. I knew many friends here.