UWRF Dance Theatre



Full Name: Izzi Mielke

Hometown: Waupaca, WI

Student Status: Post-Bacc

Major: Communication Studies and Pre-Physical Therapy 

Year in Dance Theatre: 4th

What do you love most about dance?: I love that dance is a way to express yourself and let everything you’re feeling out. It’s also a great way to escape from the world around and the stress of everyday life

Why you joined Dance Theatre: I joined Dance Theatre because I wanted to find a way to express myself. I love Dance Theatre because it has helped me grow so much, not only

**Choreographer Notes**

Izzi, originally from Waupaca, WI, graduated from UWRF with a degree in Communications and Psychology. Currently, Izzi is back at UWRF working toward her degree in Physical Therapy. Izzi has always loved dance since she was little. She has been involved in Dance Theatre for four years and three years choreographing. She is extremely grateful for the opportunities Dance Theatre has provider her as a dancer and choreographer. Izzi currently teaches dance at the St. Croix Valley Dance Academy and coaches gymnastics at the River Falls Gymnastics Club.