UWRF Dance Theatre


Name: Alysse Lensing

Hometown: Lindström, MN

Major: Art Education

Year in School: Sophmore

Year in Dance Theatre: Second year

Officer Position: Vice President

What do you love most about dance?: I love knowing my body is capable of such incredible feats. I love the feeling of being in my “zone” and truly letting go of all the anxiety and issues in my life by just allowing dance to takeover my entire self. I love getting to express myself fully without caring about what others might think or say through dancing.

Why did you join DT/what do you love about DT or are excited about: I joined dance theatre because I missed dancing and this was a perfect opportunity to jump back into it. I danced for 10 years at a competitive studio, but have not danced for almost 5 years, and I am excited to become the dancer I used to be, and improve upon that! I am also excited to have a dance family again and to get to know some people that love dancing as much as I do!