UWRF Dance Theatre



Full Name: Liz Parsons

Hometown: Merrill, WI

Student Status:  Junior

Major:  Business Management

Year in Dance Theatre:  3rd

What do you love most about dance?: I love that I can express how I am feeling through movement. When I dance I can just let go of everything I’m stressing about and just focus on how i am moving my body.

Why you joined Dance Theatre: I joined dance theatre so that I can continue to dance everyday. I love how dt is just one big family that I can go to and feel accepted by all of the members who have the same passion as me.

**Choreographer Notes**

Liz Parsons has been part of Dance Theatre for three years and this is her first piece she has choreographed. Liz is originally from Wausau WI and came to UW River Falls to Major in Business Management and Minor in Dance. Although she is not a student at UW River Falls anymore she still is an active member and officer for the organization. Liz started dancing when she joined her high school dance team and has loved to dance ever since. She hopes that one day she can start teaching at a dance studio as well as work with her other passion baking.