UWRF Dance Theatre


The UWRF Dance Program is committed to student-centered learning experiences, which values individuals and their creativity. Our students are encouraged to pursue their academic goals while actively participating in artistic and cultural experiences. The environment in the dance program is cooperative rather than competitive. We strive to provide a community atmosphere that encourages faculty and students alike, to take creative risks and challenge ourselves to achieve levels of excellence in all of our artistic and academic endeavors.

Dance Education Minor

The dance program offers a dance education minor and a diverse number of classes, performances, and cultural experiences. Dance course offerings include: history/appreciation, world dance, composition, improvisation, repertory and production; various levels of ballet, jazz, modern, and social technique; teaching courses in children’s creative movement, social and jazz dance; as well as independent study courses.
A highlight of the UWRF dance education minor program is the opportunity for students to receive teacher certification in dance. If the dance education minor is combined with a teacher preparation major, the student can be certified to teach dance in the public high schools. One of the only dance education programs in the state of Wisconsin.

Course List

Graduate Program

The Master of Science in Education Fine Arts program is a 30 credit program for the professional enhancement of fine arts educators. It provides an interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary arts education, enhanced by course work in the student’s arts specialty and in teacher education. The Track I program is designed for educators already certified in art, music, dance, or theatre. Students not previously certified in one of these arts disciplines would need to complete a program for initial certification designed in consultation with a faculty advisor.
Participants in the fine arts program have access to outstanding faculty mentors ad up-to-date studio facilities, including a music technology lab; well equipped art studios; a dance theatre space; and main stage and black box theatres with contemporary lighting ad set technology.

MSE – Fine Arts - Program Completion and Course Scheduling
One of three disciplinary core courses is offered each summer, along with discipline specific ad teacher courses. In addition to completing course work totaling 30 credits, degree candidates must complete a final project. This is a creative work or curricular project supplemented by a reflexive research paper in one or more aesthetic disciplines developed in consultation with the advisor.
Program participants committing to 10 credits per year (primarily summer sessios) can complete the program in 3 years. By registering for application units associated with several courses, students can earn a maximum of 3 graduate program credits for completing action research projects in their own classrooms guided by a UWRF faculty mentor.